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MVR 330.00MVR 390.00 Inc GST 6%

Ideal for aerobic and fitness exercise.  The unique explosion-proof technology ensures that it can withstand years of regular use and the ball has a high load capacity, which can withstand 400kg of weight by test


  • High-quality materials
  • Better grip and friction
  • Explosion-proof


MVR 500.00 Inc GST 6%

Livepro foam rollers can be used to roll tight large muscle groups and nodules to reduce soreness and improve mobility. Using roller regularly brings many benefits such as increased flexibility, improved balance and mobility, and preparation for optimal sporting performance.

Product Features

  • High quality material
  • Strong inner tube
  • Easy to carry


Product Details

color: blue

material: PP, EVA

length: 33cm

diameter: 13cm

hardness: 60

load bearing: 200kg

product weight: 700g


MVR 300.00 Inc GST 6%

Livepro resistance rings are made from natural latex and have four different resistance levels. The resistance ring is very durable and can be stretched up to 3 times its length, making it easy to carry and can be used anywhere. They are also ideal for rehabilitation and strength training.


Color: green / blue / red / black

Material: 100% natural latex

Size: 500x50mm

Resistance levels: L (10 LBS.), M (20 LBS.), H (30 LBS.), XH (40 LBS.)


MVR 200.00MVR 300.00 Inc GST 6%

Livepro Super Training Bands are thick and designed specifically for weight training and are very effective for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises


Product Features

  • 100% natural latex material
  • Multifunctional training
  • Five different resistances
  • Easy to carry