Matcha Green Tea Latte with Walnut Milk (3x180ml)

MVR 60.00 Inc GST 6%

180ml size.

Delicious and refreshing matcha latte made with walnut milk and premium matcha powder from Japan.

No cane sugar, carrageenan, preservatives or nasty chemicals added.

premium matcha latte. Only 60 calories.


  • High in Vitamin B’s, Folic Acid and Omega 3..
  • Zero-trans fat and zero-cholesterol.
  • Sterilized for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays.
  • Suitable for everyone, including children one year and older


Walnut Milk (Filtered water 78%, Whole walnuts 13%) 91%, Sunflower Seeds 5%, Matcha Green Tea Powder 2%, Organic Coconut Flower Nectar 2%

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